Family Medallion Necklace - Sterling Silver

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The Family Medallion®

Celebrating Families Since 1987


Sterling Silver Pendant/18” Chain (Filigree or Solid)*     $60.00


The Family Medallion® is a symbol of family unity. Created by Edenton resident Roger Coleman in 1987, this “gift of significance” continues to be used throughout the U.S. as a resource for celebrating family occasions such as anniversaries, graduations, birthdays or anytime it is important to say, “You are loved.”


The Family Medallion’s® three circles, according to Dr. Coleman, a retired minister, represent love that is patient, kind and enduring. It is a perfect gift for remembering and sharing your visit to Edenton.

Edenton, North Carolina

Home of the Family Medallion®


*Also available as a lapel pin.